Tomato bread with maldom salt 5€

and extra virgin olive oil
“Bravas” potatoes 9€
with spicy tomato sauce and alioli
Broken eggs with iberian Ham 100% Guijuelo 13€
Iberian Ham 100% Guijuelo 20€
Burrata D.O.P. with cherry and rocket salad 16€
Grilled season vegetables with romesco sauce 16€


Homemade pickled fresh Anchovies with 14€
Fried Calamari “Andalucian” style 16€
with tartara sauce
Prawns in garlic a bit spicy 16€
Clams and Mussels “marinera” style 16€
Salmon Tartar 23€
with creamy avocado, strawberries and pistachios
Grilled Octopus 24€
with chorizo, parmentier and curasau


Mamarosa Winter salad Mamarosa 15€
with spinach, nuts, pears, Cherry tomatoes, speck and pomegranate
César Salad with grilled chicken, croutons and 15€
Grana Padano
Sea Salad with prawns, avocado, almods and 18€

PIZZA ROSSE (With tomatoe sauce)
In wood - Fire oven

Margherita tomato sauce, 10€
mozzarella and basil
Cotto e Funghi tomato sauce, mozzarella, 12€ ham and mushrooms
Diavola tomato sauce, 14€
Ibérica tomato sauce, mozzarella, 23€
iberian ham, truffled straciatella
Mediterranea tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella6€
cherry, rocket salad
Napoli tomato sauce, mozzarella 14€
capers and anchovies

PIZZA BIANCA (without tomato sauce)
In wood - Fire oven

4 Formaggi mozzarella, Parmesano 16€
Taleggio, Gorgonzola
Calzone Mamarosa mozzarella, 16€
pepperoni, Gorgonzola
Caprina mozzarella, spinach, 16€
goat cheese, bacon, dried tomatoes
Mamarosa mozzarella, Gorgonzola, 16€
nuts, honey and rocket salad
Salmone e Avocato mozzarella, 18€
smoked salmon and avocado
Salsiccia e Patate mozzarella, 15€
sausage and potatoes

BAO BUNS (mediterranean Mamarosa style!)
(1 piece)

Criollo with calamari 9€
tartara and criolla sauces
Chicken with celeri, onions and mayonnaise 9€
Chifero with roasted pork, onions, 9€
carrots, pickles
Veggie with roasted vegetables and romesco 9€


Gnocchi alla Sorrentina 16€

(with Mozzarella and tomato)
Pappardelle del bosco 18€
with sausage and funghi porcini
Spaghetti alla Sarda with clams and botarga 21€
Tagliatelle al tartufo 25€ with cream and fresh truffle TOP!
Paccheri carbonara di mare 25€
with burrata cheese and quail eggs

RICE AND MORE (Italian Style)

Rices are mínimum for 2 pax

Meloso de mar 22€
clams, mussels, cuttlefish and prawns
Nero di Seppia 22€
clams, cuttlefish and padrón peppers
Chef’s fregola soup! with sea food 25€
Seasonal vegetable stew . 15€


Beef tenderloin with crispy baked potatoes 26€
Beef tenderloin with peppercorn sause 26€
BBQ Pork ribs with cole slaw 21€
Pil Pil Codfish with sauted freeze lettuce 22€
Grilled Salmon with caponata 23€
and yellow chili mayo


Warm chocolate vulcano 8€
with vainilla icecream
Carrot cake Homemade! 7€
Tiramisú Mamarosa The Original 9€
Nutella Cheesecake The best one! 10€
White chocolate Triffle with nougat 9€
and red berries
Irish coffee 7€

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